Selling Real Estate Mistakes


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5. Unsellable Condition: Minor repairs should be completed, the walls should have a fresh coat of paint, attractive landscaping done, cleaned carpets, and appliances should be working. These small inconveniences to the seller can end up really scaring a buyer—especially experienced buyers. Your designated real estate agent can offer many suggestions and even assistance to help get your home, business, or lot in great sellable condition.

4. Unavailable to Show: Many sellers still occupy their property and this can lead to complications when an agent wants to show your property. It is important to be ready to vacate for a bit, if possible, when a showing is requested. This allows the agent to show your property to the greatest capacity and provide the most exposure. After all, this area is highly visited by tourists—who may be in town only for a short time.

3. Seller Present at Showing: Buyers want to inspect cabinets and closets and often feel better about invading your privacy when you aren’t around. You want a buyer to linger around as long as they would like without feeling as though they are keeping you from going about your day. Correspondingly, a loitering seller may make accidental remarks that can have a negative impact on the sale, such as, “well, I’ll be happy to sell—I am sick of going up and down stairs.” Comments like these can make a buyer think about stairs negatively—just as the seller is.

2. Overpriced Property: Everyone seems to think that their property is worth more than others nearby. While it may have sentimental value far beyond others—it is important to remember that other properties could have a higher real value than yours. Overpriced properties tend to sit on the market for a long time which could indicate to a following buyer, that something is wrong with the property.

1. Incompetent Agent: Choose an experienced agent, one with several years in the industry. It is also important to select a real estate professional who is familiar with the local infrastructure and market trends. The sales of real estate are likely to be some of the largest transactions you will ever make in your life—so it is important to find a real estate company that you can trust, and that provides consistent results.