Sell Property Fast 5 TIPS!


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REAL ESTATE HOW TO: Sell Property Fast and for Top Dollar! 5 TIPS!

1. Do Your Homework on Pricing - Research comparable properties. If you price your home or commercial property too high, you risk buyers passing you by because they didn't take your price seriously. Price too low-and you'll sell for far less than you want. The goal is to get the list price and buying price as close as conceivable-so make sure the asking amount is as good as similar properties in the neighborhood.
a. It is always good to get assistance from a realtor qualified to help you price your property to sell at a great rate.
b. Go 'shopping' yourself for similar homes or commercial properties in the area to get an approximate going rate for what you own.
c. The cheaper it is, the faster it sells! If you really want to move a piece of property-don't price it higher than your neighbors!
d. Look at public records of past sales in the area. This is a great tool provided by your town hall to help you realize the true value of your property.
e. Leave room for negotiation! It isn't often that a buyer offers full price for a property, so allow yourself a little wiggle room!

2. Use a Real Estate Professional - Nearly 2/3 of those asked if they would use a Realtor R again replied with a resounding 'YES' (according to the National Association of Realtors).
a. Realtors R can provide you with comparable property values.
b. Professionals can help you set an appropriate selling price.
c. Liability is also an important note. Using a Realtor R who understands the nature of selling property is a great way to avoid legal consequences that the lay person may otherwise stumble upon.
d. Time is a largely motivating factor which influences sellers to choose real estate professionals. Because they are dedicated to selling your home, Realtors R always find time for answering questions, marketing, advertising, and negotiating.
e. The average seller doesn't have access to the vast array of advertisement vehicles which are commonplace to Realtors R. Therefore, marketing strategy is the most important reason to choose a real estate professional to assist you in selling your home or commercial property.
f. Agents equal more exposure. More prospective buyers means they will begin to compete with one another for your property, a single buyer will only compete with you!

3. First Impressions Matter - It is important to have your property in tip-top shape whether it is your home, a rental house, business or vacant lot!
a. Scrub your business or home! Fix everything-even if it seems insignificant! Mow lawns and trim trees! Don't give your prospect little reasons to attempt to offer you less. These minor fixes will make a huge difference when presenting your property and may be a deal-maker when a potential buyer decides to buy your place instead of building a new one.
b. Get rid of odors. Pets, food, smoke, trash, and mildew can create an unpleasant aroma that you may not even be aware of. So take notice, and clean up.
c. Let your potential buyer visualize their life in your space! Get rid of unnecessary clutter like knick-knacks and paperwork. Decorate in neutral colors. Invite them feel their potential future in this space, not to feel as though they are intruding.

4. Avoid Common Disadvantage - Give yourself the most result for your effort and dodge common pitfalls of selling. Create an advantageous selling scenario.
a. Deadlines are a serious disadvantage. Don't finally decide to sell when you have to do so by a specified date. This adds unnecessary pressure and will hinder negotiations.
b. Don't move out before you can sell. Another serious hardship. Often this will cause you to agree to an offer impulsively.
c. Keep your emotions out of it! Don't be offended by low offers or comments about your property Your property will have emotional ties that you may be protective of-but it is important to treat this transaction as what it is-a business deal.

5. Learn Your Buyer - Create advantages for you, as a seller, by learning your buyer.
a. Know your buyer's deadlines. This can help you negotiate.
b. Find out the amount of mortgage your buyer can carry, and even about their down payments. Ask your real estate advocate about the ability of the potential buyer to pay what your home is worth.
c. Turn that low offer around. Counter with a price that is just under your asking price to let buyers know that you are serious, and more importantly that you did not view their offer as a serious one.

These tips, along with being observant and the help of your real estate professional will provide for the perfect environment for a great sale! Above all remain positive and flexible, and you should end up with an offer you cannot refuse!