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I don't care Gandalf!! Make it work!

Gandalf and Rob

What exactly they do I am not 100% sure other than Gandalf says what he does best is website SEO. Rob is Gandalf's good friend of almost 2 decades and is our network administrator, he lives in Southern California. Who is and why Gandalf? We at Team McNally have nick named him this as he just works magic in regards to our internet presence and he looks the part with his long white hair and beard.

If you find anything on our website that is not working correctly or have any suggestions for improvement of our services online.

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What we do for the McNally Team Website

Our goal as web masters is to make the McNally website as easy to navigate as possible. At the same time bring users the most current and accurate information that is available on the market, about Lake Ozarks real estate. One of the things we do which users of the website do not directly see is good SEO (search engine optimization), for higher search engine rankings. A real estate website designed with good SEO, works to the advantage of both buyers and sellers as real estate listing information is easily found on search engines.

To see McNally Properties SEO RATING of 100% from this link click "Site Profile"... and if you would like to easily compare our SEO Rating against other local Realtor websites visit Darxx.com Once on his website enter McNally-Properties.com and you can see our score once again of 100% or enter the URL of any other website and see how they rank. NOTE: The above links open in a new browser window.