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Mac McNally
573 . 280 . 9225 Cell

Mac McNally has been a REALTOR since 2005. He began his career building a niche in the commercial leasing market. McNally developed the award-winning website, setting a new benchmark for innovative sites at the lake. McNally's real estate expertise includes working with commercial clients and lease properties.

Mac McNally, The Lake's First CCIM
Certified Commercial Investment Member

LAKE OF THE OZARKS - Mac McNally has become the first lake area realtor to earn the coveted designation of Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM).

In doing so, he joins the elite of commercial realtors. Only 6 percent of the estimated 150,000 commercial real estate professionals nationwide hold the certification.

"I'm looking forward to using the expertise I've gained in the CCIM program to optimize my client's commercial opportunities around the lake," McNally said after receiving the award in a ceremony held in Fort Worth, Texas.

The CCIM curriculum defines commercial real estate expertise. Candidates are schooled in market, financial and investment analysis. In addition to course work, CCIM prospects must submit a portfolio of closed transactions showing a depth of knowledge in the field and successfully complete a comprehensive examination.

CCIM membership includes bankers, brokers, asset managers, attorneys, appraisers, developers and other commercial real estate professionals, opening the door to networking opportunities across the U.S. and in 30 countries worldwide.

"Mac's completion of this important certification is another proof of his strong commitment to providing the very best service for our commercial clients," Pat McNally, head of McNally Commercial Properties said. "This accomplishment makes Mac a leader in lake area commercial real estate".

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