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New Listings Email Notification

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McNally Properties is now offering New MLS Listing Notification by email. Simply fill out your email address and select what types of real estate you are interested in. You can refine what information is sent to you by selecting all or individual listing categories. We also give you the option of selecting what price range you are interested in.

The image to the left is a screen shot of the new listings registration form. As you can see its simple to use. Just fill in your email address and select what types of property interest you and hit submit. Once you register via this form you will receive a email with a validation link. Then just click the link and you will start receive new listings per your requirements, starting the following day. Once your account is created you will be given instructions on how to change your preferences or unsubscribe should your realty requirements change.

To sign up for the new listings email simply fill in your email address in the form below and click the go button.

Listings tailored to you, delivered to your inbox!