Real Estate Marketing Facts


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You Could Sell Your Lake of the Ozarks Real Estate for More!
There are three "Main Factors" which will get Your Property Sold for Top Dollar, in a reasonable period of time, which are as follows:

1.) Pricing it right..
2.) Make the Real Estate Show it's Best.
3.) Maximize the Marketing of your Property for Sale

The FACTS on Selling with McNally Properties:

FACT: Today 75%-90% of ALL Home Buyers begin their search on the Internet. In order to Maximize the Advertising of your real estate for sale in today's world, working with McNally Internet Marketing Experts can give you an advantage in selling your real estate!
FACT: Your home will receive more Internet exposure with us as compared to any other real estate agents / brokers in the area, due to our unique multiple website marketing approach.
FACT: The top 2 things the majority of visitors to a real estate websites are primarily looking for are: 1) Featured Properties 2) Search the MLS (without giving any personal information). McNally Properties caters to our Internet users, as these are the 1st two items displayed on our home page. Plus our Featured Properties are displayed throughout our website.
FACT: We utilize multiple Internet websites to promote your property on the internet, thus we receive over 2,500 different keyword search terms per month, that are used when visiting our websites.
FACT: With our Multiple Real Estate Websites approach to Internet marketing we have a total of over 35,000 indexed web pages on Google alone. McNally properties itself has over 13 thousand web pages indexed on Google Click the link (it opens a new window) and see for yourself.
FACT: Our hassle free MLS Websites obtain over 25,000 page views per month.
FACT: You'll receive professional Full Service including: Accurate MLS Listing, Print Ads, Signs, negotiations, Escrow coordination and vendor management.
FACT: Your commercial property or home, whether it is for sale or lease, is visible on a syndication of websites at any given moment. This massive syndication of your listing includes popular websites such as, HotPads, Trulia, LoopNet, Craiglist, Realty Showcase, RealEstateActive, SecondSpace, Zillow/Yahoo! Real Estate Network, Point2 Homes, Consumers Guide to Real Estate, Enormo,, FrontDoor, Oodle, and many more.
FACT: When an interested buyer searches for property in our area expertise, McNally Properties consistently places early in the results of the major search engines. This means we are quite literally above the competition!
FACT: Our real estate marketing strategy is unlike any at Lake of the Ozarks. Our team understands that the housing market is fluid and we frequently modify and adjust listing variables to give you the best opportunity to sell.
FACT: The McNally Team knows the lake! Our agents have an unparalleled scope of experience, skill, and proficiency in this industry. McNally Properties will effectively and devotedly work to get you the maximum value for your property.

The FACTS on Buying with McNally Properties:

FACT: McNally Properties offers FREE advice to potential buyers (and sellers). Use our live chat, stop by our office, or email us, with any questions that you may have regarding Lake of the Ozarks real estate.
FACT: The fact of the matter is that only a real estate professional, like a McNally Properties Agent, has access to the vast expanse of resources and knowledge necessary to find the perfect property for you!
FACT: Reputation is important to the McNally Properties Team. Our agents are good at what they do, and we love to put that expertise to practice every day. We work very hard to be the best for you and our company!
FACT: We are committed to finding what you want within your budget. We work very closely with our clients to determine their exact needs and goals, and then apply our knowledge to locate a property which meets the expectations of all parties.

Lake of the Ozarks Best Real Estate Internet Marketing and Sales Program.