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McNally Commercial Real Estate Testimonials
Our Clients Are Talking About Us....

After the stressful recent purchase of my new home in St. Louis, I was not looking forward to the process of selling my home at the Lake. Already worn down and brimming with negative media reportings, I settled into the fact that the sale of my lake home might drag on.

What an enlightening experience upon enlisting the help of McNally Properties to assist me in the sale. Patty assured me that, contrary to the opinions of others, December was great time for my house to shine as the gem of my price range. My experience was like a voyage out to sea with a skilled captain. She suggested a well-researched pricing point, and used staging techniques and superior marketing efforts that proved invaluable, and resulted in a quick contract on my home.

Her expertise continued through a touchy inspection period. Patty stayed focused in negotiating on my behalf. When the winds picked up, her expertise paid off. There is no doubt without her assistance and hard work, the sale of my home could have easily capsized. Having worked in a real estate office and familiar with the process, never once did I feel pressure or stress, or that the decisions were out of my hands. Her sincere loyalty to me as her client made me feel protected as she guided me toward the close. Patty is a true professional, with the support of a solid brokerage and a competent staff that are second to none at the Lake.

- Janice Divincen
Human Resource Manager
Garlich Printing

I recently worked with Pat McNally purchasing a commercial property for a family style restaurant in Osage Beach. I found Pat to be very professional and detail-oriented throughout the process. Without his local knowledge and his connections to city government officials, the deal would not have closed. He went above the typical broker obligations, and he was an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking real estate in the area.

- Craig Schneider
Columbus, Ohio

With Patty's knowledge of the area, her insight, her sensitivity to our interests and her patience, we became even more excited about our upcoming investment. Patty's attention to detail and ability to align our personal preferences to the quality and quantity of homes we previewed was most impressive. It was clear that Patty cared not just about selling us a home but selling us the right home that we would be happy with, and a home that we would realize solid long-term value from. The McNallys are still there for us when we have a need. Our agents have become our friends.

- Dave Goebel
Former CEO
Applebee's International